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Kate Madsen


Kate madsen


Kate Madsen is a Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Movement Specialist, Massage/Manual Therapist and Nutrition Consultant. She is trained in numerous modalities with a focus on neural/visceral manipulation and postural re-patterning in movement. Kate works from the perspective that structure and function are intertwined, so that our healing depends on our ability to consciously direct change on both a neurological and musculoskeletal level. During her graduate years, Kate conducted research at the Champalimaud Foundation where she worked on mapping topographical projections of serotonergic neurons in the CNS related to mood, sleep, cognition and perception. Her approach to nutrition combines her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Neurobiology (specifically the effects of gut health on brain functioning). She has pursued graduate work in Psychology and Cognitive/Molecular Neuroscience and teaches Anatomy and Physiology workshops that address the structural and energetic lines of the body. She has a wealth of knowledge in yoga therapeutics and is developing a manual exploring the relationship between yoga postures, the organs and the five elements of TCM. Kate offers a gentle approach to working with clients, yet encourages them to explore their inner edge in their practice. She is also founder of The Innerground and Roots and Plenty.  She conducts movement and experiential anatomy workshops worldwide - and lectures on trauma recovery and healing from a neurological perspective.