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Pilates supports us in our daily lives by working on a good attitude. It helps to improve muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Pilates reinforces the mind-body connection and ability to focus the attention to the present moment. Concentration is of great importance in the performance of Pilates exercises.

Pilates consists of many different exercises, giving each lesson a new challenge. The movements in Pilates address the whole body with emphasis on strength from the trunk combined with shoulder and pelvic stability. Pilates supports you in your daily movements as well as any kind of sport activity.

Pilates exercises are done on the mat, or any of the different equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. The equipment is designed to use your own body weight combined with variable resistances produced by springs. The different devices also provide a good method of repairing injuries.

At Rituel Studio, sessions are offered one-on-one, in a duet format, or in a class or workshop. In this way, there is always personal attention for everyone.