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Yoga teaches us to balance the body, mind and ‘consciousness’. The exercises (asanas) build power, strength and energy and provide an overall pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Ha means sun - and Tha means moon. The name Hatha Yoga in this way refers to balancing the different elements in the body-mind system. Hatha Yoga is a part of Classic Indian Yoga. It is the basis of the eightfold path to Enlightenment - a down-to-earth way to ground us more peacefully in our daily lives.

We offer classes in a number of different yoga styles - all of which work to build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and the deepening of the breath. Vinyasa yoga is one style where the postures gradually and smoothly pass together - such as a dance in which breathing is essential. Regular practice makes your body stronger, smoother and improves posture.

The practice of Yoga reduces stress and promotes a calm rhythm of breathing that in turn calms the mind, nervous system and heart rate. Yoga has a positive effect on our hormonal system and the functioning of the organs. The inclusion of breathing techniques (prāṇāyāma) and meditation is also an essential part of the practice